about the author

Doreen Tamminga

Welcome to this small corner of the world-wide web! I’m so glad you found it. A writing and home-making mom, I hail from Prince Edward Island, these days, but completed my teaching and literature degrees in New Jersey. It was there that I first began writing poetry and putting on grand family plays with some of my nine siblings. You read that right! I was blessed to grow up middle child of nine and had a mom who read to me until I was twelve. 

I'm still thankful for a childhood of wholesome freedom and responsibility—from building tree forts and digging clay from the neighbourhood creek to delivering newspapers and selling strawberries—experiences that molded me and gave fodder for the children’s stories I would write on my return to Canada. Back in Ontario, I taught elementary school, edited magazines, and wrote stories—a collection of which forms my book Wait till You See the Butterfly.

As a book-loving, story-writing, mom to seven, I believe that when the pen is used to outline God’s truth, writing is a tool God can use to transform lives. You’ll find me, then, dreaming up stories and poems while bouncing babies or solving algebraic equations. If you’d love to be a fly on the wall in our busy home, here’s a peek through the kitchen window...

While Supper Boils Over

Amid the chaos there’s the joy

Of sticky kisses from the boys.

A box of tissues buys you time

While toddler pulls out seven, eight, nine…

Surprise! A child cleaned their room,

(Just don’t expect a repeat soon).

The baby’s antics make you laugh

And laughs are never done by halves!

(Neither the tears, but they help clean

A face that’s lost its rosy sheen).

Gigantic mess means heaps of fun

(And lots to do when fun is done!)

Once in a while you see the floor,

The table, counter, closet door—

Don’t worry if they’re smudged or dinged

The stuff will soon hide everything.

Words of “wisdom” overheard

With far-fetched thoughts bring heaps of


While stories, books, warm everything,

And songs bring joy to all who sing!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I pray some of this material will be a blessing to you or your loved ones. For weekly encouragement follow @aneverydayfaith on instagram, or visit here for free stories, poems, songs, and colouring pages for children!