Why read a story Bible?

Why read a story Bible?

Perhaps, as you glance through these Bible story links, you are asking yourself: Isn’t the Holy Bible the only infallible book we have? And isn’t the Bible the living word of God that the Holy Spirit of God is pleased to bless?

Yes, and yes again! God’s word must become central to your children’s lives. The stories from this story Bible are not intended to replace the reading of the Bible in your home. Instead, they are a tool. In each story you will find that the teaching of God’s word—or the narrative of events—has been gathered from various chapters and books of the Bible to be presented in one simple, story-telling for children. Questions following each story involve the youngest to the oldest listeners in recalling facts and making applications to their own lives, while looking up relevant verses in the Bible. In a way, this easy-to-read-and-understand-book is actually something of a children’s Bible study guide.

Still not convinced? Why not read a few sample stories. The books are not in print yet, so I’d love to hear in the comments section if you find the work to be of value for your family! You will find that in the story-telling I have tried to use every detail I could glean from the Scriptural accounts, and have only added in supplementary details that are specific to that country and time period, or general to all of mankind. The Old and/or New Testament references that preface each story will confirm how central the Bible is to these retellings!

Why include colourful illustrations?

llustrations are well-suited for keeping the attention of young, three to four year old listeners. Children that are frequently read aloud to can visualize stories internally and follow story-lines by the age of five or six, but it can be hard for young children to keep names like Jehoiakim and Jehoshophat straight in their minds, and without pictures, every Biblical event is easily attributed to David, Noah, or Jonah! Simply seeing each character illustrated in a different, coloured robe can be enough of a visual clue to remind a child who the story is about and how this story relates to people in previous narratives.

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