Favourite Children's Books    If you are always on the look-out for a good story and wonderful picture books (like I am), HERE are some of my favourite books for kids. It’s very hard in a life-time of reading to make up a list of favourites, but the criteria I used to decide whether a book was a favourite or not was simple: each book had to be one I would gladly read for the second or third time!  

Books to Buy   At present, only Wait till you see the Butterfly is available, but other books are in the works, and A Better Ending will be in print very soon!  Wait till you see the Butterfly is a collection of stories that help children bridge the gap between one’s Christian beliefs on paper and everyday life. [more...]

Books I Grew On   This is not a list of my "top ten," or my favourites, or even the best books out there, but simply some books I either grew up on or grew from. ​​​[more...]​​​

Book Reviews    I’m always on the look-out for wholesome books and when I find them, I try to share them. You’ll find many reviews by myself and like-minded reviewers over at These are mostly children’s books, but the reading level is creeping higher as our children grow. Use the categories “audiobook,” “history,” “ages 10-12,” and so on, to find another good read!

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