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Short stories for kids. Stories that "put hands and feet on" everyday living to the glory of God. That's what you will find in my books A Better Ending  and Wait till You See the Butterfly, available right here in the US and here in Canada as well as at Other books are in the works, and a full-length chapter book for younger kids will be in print very soon!  Wait till you see the Butterfly is a collection of stories that help children bridge the gap between one’s Christian beliefs on paper and everyday life. [more...]

Favourite Children's Books    If you are always on the look-out for a good story and wonderful picture books (like I am), HERE are some of my favourite books for kids. It’s very hard in a life-time of reading to make up a list of favourites, but the criteria I used to decide whether a book was a favourite or not was simple: each book had to be one I would gladly read for the second or third time!  

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