What makes Bible Stories for Young Familes different from other story Bibles available?

A Bible storybook for all children, Bible Stories for Young Families is especially a book for young families. In many families, there will come a time when a three-year-old and a seven-year-old sit down together for a Bible story. Between these two ages there is a large gap in comprehension, and parents can find it difficult to find a story Bible appropriate for both. Bible Stories for Young Families bridges the gap with engaging pictures and story-telling for all, and multi-levelled questions following each story:              

  • simple recall questions for preschoolers
  • application questions for school-aged children
  • questions centered on verses from the Holy Bible for older children to look up and read aloud

Bible Stories for Young Families is also a book for new parents. It can be difficult for new parents to teach God’s truths in a simple way to young children. How can the great truths of the Christian faith be taught simply without being oversimplified? This story Bible can help. Moving through the Old Testament narratives with engaging stories that are true to Scripture, each account is followed with questions that will help you plant specific biblical truths in their young hearts—with the prayer that God may send his Spirit to water the seed of his Word! Questions that may be challenging are supported with suggested answers as well as Scripture references, and every story is verified by Scripture references as well.

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