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Short stories for kids. Stories that "put hands and feet on" everyday living to the glory of God. That's what you will find in my books A Better Ending  and Wait till You See the Butterfly available right here in the US and here in Canada. Other books are in the works, and a full-length chapter book for younger kids will be in print very soon!    

The quick solution to our children’s sinful behaviour is to mend their actions.  Reaching their heart, however, takes more work. Ultimately, this can only be done by the Spirit of God softening and convicting and encouraging.  But true-to-life stories can help open our children’s ears and hearts to admonishment and correction, and “walking in other kids’ shoes” can awaken our children’s consciences and empathy.

With this in mind, these stories cover a wide range of topics, from coveting and lying, to forgiveness and prayer, from sin and substitution, to our speech and temptation. The index in the back of the book will help parents and teachers find a story relevant to their own situation, and a few sample stories can be read [HERE].

May God bless these truths to your children’s hearts!


“Our family just finished reading through this book for the second time and were blessed by it once again. Tamminga has a real gift at writing a rich variety of stories that point the reader to Christ; whether the reader be two years old or in their adult years. My kids would ask everyday if it was time for the 'butterfly book' yet . This is definitely a book I would recommend to others and plan to pick up once again in the coming years.”–M






Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 265
Vendor: Banner of Truth

ISBN: 1848711018
ISBN-13: 9781848711013
Ages: 4-12


Little Becky does not believe her brother when he tells her that caterpillars turn into butterflies, until her mother confirms that it is true—and then she sees a butterfly start to break out of its cocoon… But what does all this have to do with Easter and the death and resurrection of Christ? In Doreen Tamminga’s engaging tale, the first of more than forty short stories for boys and girls in this book, the connection is made clear. ‘Sometimes we read to our children just for pleasure, and sometimes we do so to instruct them’, says Mrs. Tamminga. ‘These stories were written with the intent of pointing children to the Lord Jesus as the only Saviour from sin, and to encourage Christian living. I hope they will be a blessing to many young hearts.’

The stories in this book are arranged in three groups, for 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12 year olds. A topical index shows where to find stories on particular themes.

R E V I E W S  from

“These are stories kids will relate to readily and enjoy thoroughly. The stories avoid mere moralism, and rather point children to the Saviour. Highly recommended.” –R

“I like how there are different stories geared for different ages. My children are young so we are working our way through the 4-6 stories. Looking forward to reading the rest as the kids get older!” –A

“Great book! Every chapter is another story which makes it so easy to pick up. Our kids really enjoy this book and learn good biblical lessons from it. Wish there were more of these books!” –E

“Lovely book which deals with Christian living in the everyday lives of children of a variety of ages. Highly recommended. The author understands the thought world of children and doesn’t talk “down” to them or moralise.” –J

R E V I E W S  from

“This is a great Christian family story book. Since it is broken up into three age groups, you can always find stories for your child. The author seeks to draw children to Jesus through the everyday occurrences in children's lives. As the characters struggle with ordinary challenges in their lives they learn to apply Christian truths to their circumstances. The author understands how children think and play and uses this knowledge to good effect. This book is geared towards "churched" children as it assumes some doctrinal knowledge. It's topical index is useful to find stories dealing with particular issues. From dealing with envy to tithing, many pertinent topics are covered.” –L


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Short stories for kids. Stories that "put hands and feet on" everyday living to the glory of God. That's what you will find in my books A Better Ending  and Wait till You See the Butterfly, available right here in the US and here in Canada as well as at Other books are in the works, and a full-length chapter book for younger kids will be in print very soon!  Wait till you see the Butterfly is a collection of stories that help children bridge the gap between one’s Christian beliefs on paper and everyday life. [more...]

Favourite Children's Books    If you are always on the look-out for a good story and wonderful picture books (like I am), HERE are some of my favourite books for kids. It’s very hard in a life-time of reading to make up a list of favourites, but the criteria I used to decide whether a book was a favourite or not was simple: each book had to be one I would gladly read for the second or third time!  

stories for kids

...putting "hands and feet" on living to God's glory

stories from 

A Better Ending

available in bookstores

and online

Quest for Camelot

Join Maya in her quest 

for a dragon to fight, 

and grow with her

as she realizes "dragons"

are closer to home

than she thinks...

stories from 

Wait till You See the Butterfly

available in bookstores 

and online

An Answered Prayer

A true story based on the 

childhood experience 

of my grandmother

stories from the chapter book

Foxes, Thieves and Bunny Traps

in print soon!

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Foxes, Thieves and Bunny Traps

will be available very soon!

Excerpts from these books, as well as a few other stories, can be printed off at the links above